Labor Day holiday….

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day holiday, and more important remember why we celebrated it. It’s a tribute to all working men and women over the years, and to those along the way who fought to insure we had decent working conditions, decent hours and were paid decent wages.

It’s still early and it’s not too late to have one for me….



No need to tell you anymore about Chicago Ron. He is pretty much legend anymore. Found his latest video on Facebook and  thought I would share it here. If you get envious, welcome to the club. I went from being amazed to being pissed off…..Nobody should be allowed to hunt as much as  he does or find as much as he does. Just should not happen!



Want to know who can name the handsome gentleman in the following photo? No prizes, just a challenge….



Robbie Morin has started a new blog, and is currently working out the kinks. Hope you will add it to your favorites, and comment when you can. What makes any  blog successful is the back and forth. Good luck Robbie…

And Robbie had to also rub it in and send me a photo of his latest adventure which lasted about as long as mine last week, but he fared somewhat better. Robbie  is in the Houston area, and has to deal with the excessive heat as well…..

Nice 1841 Seated Dime


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5 responses to “Labor Day holiday….

  1. Good luck with the Blog Robbie. Are you any relation to Ole Stouty per chance?

  2. Robbie

    Thanks Mr. H.,
    Only related by a hobby or two. ;o)

  3. Robbie

    Is the gentleman in the photo….your friend John Winter ??

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