Just when I thought we were buddies….

Think you all know about the back and forth war of words with one Paul Barford, an archaeologist located in Warsaw, Poland… Well now he has me totally confused.

Back on March 14th, he posted the following: “Despite certain differences of opinion, it is gratifying to be able to put on record that Dick Stout is a decent bloke.  Your health Sir…”

Because of that I thought maybe we were becoming bosum buddies, but now in one of his lastest posts he  labels me as the “militant vehemently anti-archaeological tekkie across the pond”. Wow, what a turnaround (No Christmas card this year Paulie…..)

John Howland claims the description was meant for him, but no matter, we can both lay claim. We are in fact honored and privileged to wear the label. For the record Mr.  Barford we still think highly of you, and will continue to stay in touch, you windy, conceited, pompous assed “arkie” from across the pond. Cheers!!


All one has to do is look at the number of posts Mr. Barford puts out there every day. Then look at the time frames involved, and finally the number of comments he receives. It pretty much sums up his obsession with his importance to the archaeological community, and his dislike for anything remotely connected to metal detecting…. How sad!



Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend, and if possible get out and do a little detecting in-between the hot dogs, hamburgers and beer…. And  stay safe.


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One response to “Just when I thought we were buddies….

  1. Barford sad? I don’t think so. Certainly not the description some in his ‘calling’ refer to him!

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