FMDAC Fall Classic…Surprise!

Well I wondered if the FMDAC was alive, and if they were going to hold their annual membership hunt. Usually it’s held in October, but  for the past two months or so I have not noticed a mention of any event. Then again for the past few months I have not noticed anything alive and  moving on the FMDAC website.

Yesterday my good friend Roger Horrum sent the following PDF links, and it appears as though they are indeed having some sort of get together.  I will leave it to you to piece it all together….







Thanks to Regton, Ltd. for the following article….

Bronze Age Hoard Declared Treasure

Thanks to Roger Horrum for the following video….if you are into guns you will enjoy this a great deal. I am not, but still found it fascinating..

Air Rifle Used by Lewis and Clark


Roger Horrum also sent along a link that lists metal detecting clubs here in the USA, and would make a great link to any club’s website. It was put together by  Tina Gallagher, of Capital Steel and Wire, in Lansing, Michigan. I am not sure of her involvement in the pastime, and I am trying to contact her. First to thank her  for putting this information out there, and also to see if she herself is a detectorist.


Do yourself a favor, look over this page, and use it to your advantage. I know I will. Tina has indentified a few clubs that I do not have listed here on Stout  Standards, and as a result I will be updating my clubs link…..


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