Forum follow-up and FINISH!

Was put in my place by many forums and their members for asking if they would support a full time, national organization, with paid  employees. I have accepted their “no way” response and want to move on, but wanted first to address one comment that at first, irritated me,  but later gave me some insight to just where things are today with those who metal detect.

It went like this….(and I did not edit)

“Mr. Stout i would of posted this on your website but did not see a place to post comments as i do occasionally visit your “Standards” website Blog , its not a bad site but i feel its very much “self orientated” . you sir have done so much for the hobby and have a wealth of knowledge to share to new and up and comming experienced detectorists but it comes across more like rants from a bitter old man who has  fallen out popularity , no disrespect intended sir. i feel you could much better the “new crop of detectorists” with your wisdom , ideas ,  experience and great humor that you still show from time to time . i honestly disagree with you and Butch as i’ve been working with some  great archaeologists for the last three years ( the 1637 Pequot War project) and i feel there will be a “mutual understanding and respect”  at some point in the near future. i and a lot of others have seen the great work we can accomplish together sir. it hasn’t gone unnoticed
the archaeology world is comming around , slowly we can make a difference”

My response:

Dan, thanks for the comments and appraisal of my site and who I am. I appreciate all perspectives. The place for comments was on my blog,  which apparently cannot be shown here. If you go to the website you will see a link to my blog at the top of the “Latest News” page (no advertising there).

As for my site being “self oriented”, you are right. That’s why it’s called Stout Standards. It is MY website, and was originally put together so  that I could gather up all of the many materials I had sitting around, old photos, articles, etc.. and put them out there in a website.

With regards to working with archaeologists Dan stated:

“i feel there will be a “mutual understanding and respect” at some point in the near future. i and a lot of others have seen the great work we can accomplish  together sir. it hasn’t gone unnoticed the archaeology world is comming around , slowly we can make a difference .”

My response:

You may be right, but we were all were saying the same thing back in the early 80’s….(it’s now 2012).

Thanks again for sharing your comments and opinions.


Okay, let me start with…. Stout Standards is MY website. It encompasses and represents my 35 years of participation in this pastime. Is it self oriented?  You bet, and if you don’t like that, I am sorry. If I sound self promoting or pompous, it wasn’t my intention, but again if it hits you that way, I am sorry.  I appreciate each and every one of you that takes the time to check out my website and blog, but no one is forcing you to do that.

Am I old and bitter? Probably so. Have I fallen out of popularity? Well, not sure exactly if and when I was popular, but if you say I was, I will accept that as a compliment.  I don’t care to go back and explain how I got into this pastime, and how things transpired over the years. It’s already posted somewhere here on my site, but if you have only  visited once or twice, you probably missed that. Am I bitter? Sometimes, sometimes not (John Howland and I were often bitter, and got tossed out of a few nice places, but that’s another  story). Do I get angry, pissed? At times, just like very other individual born into this world.

Finally, I was not trying to stir up things within the metal detecting fraternity, nor was I trying to organize a a national organization. Jeezus, that’s the last thing  I need now. I was merely trying to throw an idea out there to see where those who participate in this pastime stand. I have now found that out.

I wish all three “national” organizations well, and hope you all have better luck than I at even getting the attention of those you represent!

To be fair, the forums I posted this question on are as follows. The topic…. “How Much Would You Pay”…

American Detectorist

Friendly Metal Detecting Forum


Metal Detecting Maine

There are a few very good posts on these forums, most added after I started this update. In any case read through them, enjoy them, take what you want from them. I have  been put in my place and will not attempt to ask opinions ever again.



The “Bad Ass” Chicago Ron

Ron Guinazzo (a.k.a. Chicago Ron) shared the following on Facebook yesterday….”Got a call on Wednesday night from a depressed Jennifer, she had lost her diamond promise ring on  North ave beach. I assured her that we would have a good chance of finding it when I met her yesterday afternoon. Only took about 15 minutes. she burst into tears  and hugged me! That’s what its all about! 14k white gold ring with 1pt diamonds, 1.5grams.”

A Happy Jennifer (closeup of ring/insert)

Suspect you already know that Ron is a Chicago fireman, and how he manages to hold down a job, spend so much time detecting is beyond me. I am envious as hell……

Ron  many thanks for all you do to promote the pastime, and for the good work you do for the city of Chicago every day.  I appreciate you my friend (still going to cut those  wires next time I see you).

(Will be adding to the “Who We are Link”…..)



Exciting day so far. Doc’s appointment, more medicines to take, and with any luck a little rain later. Hoping, finally, to get out and do some detecting this  weekend. Wish me luck! Hope you all have a great weekend, and stay in touch….

Today I am old, but not bitter.  Tomorrow? Who knows……?



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11 responses to “Forum follow-up and FINISH!

  1. raymond salmons

    Hello Mr.Stout, I was just wondering what was the oldest dated object you have found, coin or what ever? Thanks for a great site! Good luck treasure hunting, Raymond Salmons

    • Raymond I have a few Roman coins dating from around the birth of Christ, which I found in the UK. Will have to go back and reference them again to give you a better idea of the time period. As far as US coinage, I found a 1796 Large Cent, which I recently sold on Ebay for $900. It was an error coin (LIHERTY).

  2. raymond salmons

    Hello Mr. Stout, As for paying membership for an organization for metal detecting legal issues , I would gladly pay $25 a year to support it ! Since I already pay subscriptions for detecting magazines and dues for the club I’m in “417 relic hunters” based in Springfield,Mo, I don’t see why not protect the hobby I enjoy greatly! keep ’em swingin’, Raymond Salmons

  3. Hey Dick!
    With ten men of Chicago Ron’s stature and enthusiasm we could conquer the world and have metal detecting made an Olympic event!!! The oldest thing you ever found, or dated?…..Jeez, dangerous ground here Ole Pal for you and me!…Forget those two old hounds, who tried to score with you, me, and a certain Bob, in a Gloucestershire pub following our visit to my roman villa/temple site where you made your momentous find.

    Great days eh? Seems all the fun has gone out of the hobby where few nowadays, have the balls to tell the arkies to piss off! Now, it’s all about how far you can bend over….

    • Why did I know you would pick up on that “oldest thing” comment? Know you like a book. Your mind was and still is on the same thing, and it ain’t detecting!

  4. Robbie

    As long as there are places open to hunt, most will be happy to let someone else “fight city hall” for them to get laws changed. A few people can’t do it alone, and getting everyone to help locally is next to impossible.

    Trying to get a law changed with just a small handfull of people can do more harm than good. From personal experience—-I couldn’t get more people to help and show our strength in ( voter) numbers, and instead of getting 1 (out of 4) precincts open, all 4 of the precincts changed their rules and prohibited metal detector use. If I had 3 dozen people helping instead of 6, maybe a possitive change would have occured. I have tried to do it again and again…..but can’t get enough voting detectorists to help out.

    Most detector users just want to hunt when and where they can, keeping a low profile.
    “Out of sight–out of mind.”

    • The pastime has changed a great deal over the years. As much as this will make me sound like that heretofore mentioned “bitter old man” I will always remember the good ole days, and mark my word Robbie, you too will be saying that someday.

  5. Hey Dick
    Things may have changed but continue to say what you feel because those that matter don’t mind at all and those that mind … won’t matter. Be true to yourself. Not original, but true!

  6. Larry "Packrat" Bateham

    Hi Dick, I love what you do on this site. Maybe because I have been doing this for over 40 years. I love that you remind us of all the people from the past who helped get this great pastime going.

    I have worked with getting laws changed, and have sometimes done it with small groups. You need to represent a larger group like a club or group of clubs in your state so you seem more important to legislators. Be friendly and try to show them a way to work together (give and take).

    As for working with archeologists, we have done that a few times and some will support us but the majority wil not and that is the problem We thought we were making progress bask in the 80’s when they worked Custer Battlefield with the archeologists, but as you can see not much has changed since then.

    Keep iup the good work Dick. I am behind you 100%.


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