Malamute Saloon is calling….

Just received an update from the big bopper, habitual resident of the Malamute Saloon. He sends everyone his good wishes (and to me, his middle finger).  It’s been his routine now for almost 30 years. Why I have even learned dirty words I never knew existed. His usual sign-off? “Up Yours!”

Nice guy, this John Howland….. In any case, if you care to read his latest blabber, click on the Malamute Saloon link above, August 16th entry.



Written, March 15th….

Against all odds we actually had a storm last night, and one that lasted most of the night. According to radio reports we had anywhere from two to five inches  of rain, which given the drought conditions, wasn’t a helluva lot, but it was at least a start. I say according to radio reports because we are currently without internet, phone  and cable TV service…..

Have to tell you, when it’s over 100 degrees outside, and you don’t have TV, or internet, it can be a long day. You can only play so many games of PC solitaire.  I did spend some time updating a book that has will hopefully come out after the first of the year, but frankly it was a difficult day, and I am ashamed to admit it.  How dependent I have become on having access to the internet is frightening. Even Fay, who never thought she would use a computer, was perplexed today. No way to  communicate with her photographer friends, or add a page to her blog.

No doubt in my mind that the next war will be a cyberwar. Shut down the internet, the phone service, TV, and the electrical grid, and you have a helpless group  of people. I have read about this possibility and truly believe it. We have become slaves to modern day technology and in a big way.

Okay, enough with the scary stuff. It is now 6pm on Wednesday and we are approaching almost eighteen hours without these services. I keep looking at the router/modem, picking up the phone, and turning on the TV. Nada….? Might have to actually read a book ahead of bedtime tonight. What a unique idea, but then again, not a bad one  either. Reminds me of what I used to do in the “dark ages”.



Way back when I first bought a detector, finding coins was the reason. The old ones were plentiful if you did your homework, and if you worked at it. Today?  Not so much. The emphasis today is on relic hunting and water hunting. Why? Because access to rural fields and beaches is more easily accomplished, and when you add in the  gold and silver market, and it’s a no brainer.

I used to enjoy hunting the beaches of New Jersey, not so much for the occasional ring or piece of jewelry, but because of the escape. The wind off the water, the  brisk air, the tuning out of crowds, and the healthy feeling I always had when the day was done. Relic hunting? Have never really gotten into it. I understand the  fascination with it, and the thought that you don’t need to analyze anything. If it beeps, dig it….

I did spend some time hunting farmland adjacent to Gettysburg years ago, and came home with minnie balls and a few other pieces of history. I enjoyed it, and found  it to be a learning experience, but I still love the sight of a silver coin in that plug I just pulled out. It says it all…. It’s old, it’s shiny and it’s worth  more than the face amount.

“Still get’s me every time!”

No reflection on your folks who are finding those buckles, militaria, or gold and silver rings. I am just a “coiny” kind of guy!



Thanks to John Winter and Regton, Ltd. for the following two articles…

17th Century Ship to be Freeze-Dried

Vincennes Man Uses Metal Detectors to Unearth Treasures
From Ind. History


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  1. Albie

    “Have to tell you, when it’s over 100 degrees outside, and you don’t have TV, or internet, it can be a long day.” Jesus H, Stouty, people pay big bucks over here to enjoy just that!

    Chill out with a cool beer in the shade and relax, have Fay peel you a grape, and take a long G&T with ice and a slice, as the sun goes down.

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