Is there an “official” code of ethics?

As I read a few club newsletters I also read the code of ethics as they interpret them. There have been a few interesting twists on them over the  years, and I wish I could remember the really unique one I posted here over the years, but I could not find it. I will keep looking…. I did save the  following one for posterity. It was written by the late Jim Lewellen, president and CEO of Fisher Laboratories.

I found it in a club newsletter years ago, and shared it in an article I did for Western &  Eastern Treasures. The author at the time was unknown. I soon received an email from Jim confessing he was the “unknown” author.

According to Jim, “I wrote this silly thing under the pseudonym Author Unknown. It was during one of my frequent periods when I had so many fires to put  out I decided to just let them burn, and do something fun instead. Writing was such good therapy that I had a bunch of them printed up, and told my marketing  folks to hand them out at hunts and trade shows. Then I went back to putting out fires….”

Jim passed away April 26, 2010, and is missed by a great many in this business. He was a true gentleman in every sense of the  word, and I consider myself privileged to have known him.

The Ten Commandments of Metal Detecting

by Jim Lewellen

1. Thou shalt not leave behind unfilled excavations.

2. Thou shalt not trespass or defy in any way the lawful decrees of thy city, state, province or country.

3. Thou shalt not harm vegetation, the creatures of the field, natural resources or the personal property of others.

4. Thou shalt not covet the finds of thy companion. Nor shall ye covet his metal detector, digging tool, or the hallowed place he diggeth.

5. Thou shalt not neglect thy family and friends whilst in the endless pursuit of this hobby.

6. Thou shalt assist the distraught owners of lost goods, and the archaeologists, the enforcers of law, and all others who may need thy skill as a metal detectorist.

7. Thou shalt return found treasures to the proper owners, whenever their true identity can be rightfully determined.

8. Thou shalt report to the proper authorities any find relating to criminal activity or of archaeologtical significance.

9. Thou shalt be considerate of others on the beach, and in other public places whilst waving thy searchcoil, and digging holes in the sand and soil.

10. Thou shalt speak out against unjust laws and stand firm against the Philistines who would cast out all those who would use detectors of metal.


If thou dost not abide by these Commandments, may ye be plagued with mineral-bearing rocks, hard packed soil, pestilence, serpents, locusts, poisonous vegetation, and great multitudes  of pulltabs, bottle caps and rusty nails. May ye spend the remaining years of thy wretched life digging signals of false origins. For thine iniquities shall surely bring the overzealous wrath of the  ignorant, heathen bureaucrats down upon those of us who are innocent. For we are the righteous and the just and ye who do not obey the Ten Commandments of Metal Detecting are doomed  to bad luck.

The Fisher Gang/1986…Scott Warner, Yours truly, Jim Lewellen and Fred Brust



Thanks to Regton, Ltd. for the following articles….

I’ve Struck Gold…Again!

Roman Coins Haul Dug Up

1873 Dime Sells for $1.6 Million


Sent an email to Keith Wills inquiring about his surgery and recuperation. He replied as follows….

“BEST NEWS: I got my hands working again and can hold a screwdriver again after nearly a year not being able to use them. HURRAY!!!!!!!!”

“I’m actually typing this! Can’t believe how much you miss them until you lose them. Thank you LORD…It does show you that you have been praying  most of your life for things that are not as important as your own health, your family’s health and friends.”

“Finally I can go back to work. They still hurt from time to time, but not as often as before and as much. I’ll work that out of them with  the help of the Lord. I am a very blessed man and have very blessed friends that prayed for me. Thank you all so much, prayer is what did it.”

Thank you much, Keith Wills



Going make some enemies here, but what the hell. It seems to be my forte anymore….

Where are OUR three or four so called national organizations, and what are they up to these days, if anything?

The FMDAC,  the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights,  the The American Metal Detecting Association, and   The World Wide Association of Treasure Hunters?

Haven’t heard a peep from any of these groups lately? Keep checking their sites and nada! I click on the “What’s New” link on the FMDAC site, and keep getting  the “stay tuned” response. The Task Force information hasn’t changed at all over the past month, and I would still like to see the officers post their email addresses.

Apparently the AMDA has gone by the wayside. Last entry was three years ago? The WWATS site is still listing the flyer for this years hunt which was the end of May,  but you can view the photos from their hunts in 2008 and 2009.

Come on guys…how about just an update here and there, a word or two, a short note to say you are still alive and kicking. Is that asking too much?  Hell, While I don’t always succeed, I at least bust my ass trying to keep this site updated, and to let people know I haven’t kicked the bucket.

As far as I know detectorists are still paying dues to belong to your organizations or are donating, either independently or via hunt fees. They deserve to hear “something” from you? Is that too much to ask?



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2 responses to “Is there an “official” code of ethics?

  1. Bob K

    Thanks for the ten commandments will put this in our next month newsletter.

  2. You are welcome. Be sure to inlcude Jim Lewellen as the author….

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