Whoa….wait a minute.

I find it amusing that a few of my books are selling online for ridiculous sums. Books that are still available and easy to order from numerous sources.  Every once in a while I will scan the internet to see if there are companies offering any of my titles….almost always Amazon has them listed as well as  a few others. I have seen this “over-the-top” phenomenon, having worked in the book business for almost twenty years, but never understood the logic. Either those trying to sell  the book have no clue, or are just trying to rip people off.

Check out the following…….

Coin Hunting in Depth from Alibris Books.

Coin Hunting in Depth from Amazon.com

With regard to the offer on Amazon for $254.06 (where the hell did the six cents come from?), I will sell you a copy (personally signed in blood, with my fingerprint,  and a hair from my almost bald head, shipping prepaid, for only $154.06. And if you act now I will include……

Interesting too that I listed a copy of this book on Ebay a couple of days ago at $4 and have had 2 looks. Go figure….



This guy is into so much anymore I can’t keep track. I like the guy but he keeps pissing me off with his numerous and frequent finds. Next time I run into  him I plan on cutting the wires to his coils.



Need a fix bad….a change….something new….something different…something exciting. My days have been extremely boring and very routine. Then again, what the hell can you do when it’s 105 outside, and you don’t own a pick axe?

Thinking maybe tomorrow I will get the MXT Pro out and do some bench testing, and just maybe it’s time for some fun reading, like Karl’s Treasure Hunters Manual #6,  one of my favorites.




Why do I have the feeling that the manufacturers are making a killing on their pinpointers…..?



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3 responses to “Whoa….wait a minute.

  1. wintersen

    I’ve never understood those ridiculous prices for books either … but yours must be worth their weight in gold, Dick!

    And they are … can you send me more to place on Flea Bay?

  2. Sure will, but I am waiting for that cold day in….

  3. waylon123

    Jeez, the rarity value of the single hair alone from that almost bald cranium, must make it worth about the same as a Double Eagle, er…or is that Bald Eagle.

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