Moving on…..

I must apologize for spending so much time responding to the Warsaw windbag. Sorry… Reading his blog makes my blood boil, and it’s difficult staying  silent. That is over with, and I am moving on……



Things here are status quo. Stinking hot, no chance of rain, and I am depressed. A typical Texas summer and a depressing time of year. Not sure how many  are out there detecting now, but here in the Dallas area, you would have to be crazy to be outside.

I have no idea what the answer is to all this heat, but someone needs to take it seriously and deal with it. You can call it whatever you want,  but it is getting worse each year. I have been here in the Dallas area now for 24 years, and each and every year the temperatures have become more unbearable. I know there  were years before my arrival that were just as bad, but that doesn’t cut it for me. I can only deal with my experience here.

Back in 1988, when we Yankees came South, the temps were hot, but not excessively hot. Likewise we had dramatic springtime thunderstorms, and I actually enjoyed watching them. I remember afternoons when the sky would turn pitch black, and I had to be outside (yep, I was stupid back then too) to witness it. I would say these spring rains were pretty  much a given starting in March, and ending June. Enough rain to have a decent looking lawn, and absolutely no thought of drought restrictions. This pattern  begin changing about ten years ago, and now we pray for rain all year long.

Our St. Augustine lawn, or what’s left of it….

We have given up on our lawn this year. It just isn’t going to happen. Likewise our plantings are withering and turning brown. Our electric bill is sky high,  and the two air conditioning units run 24/7. I have fissures in my lawn, and the ground is hard as a rock. I might also add that much of  the US is experiencing Texas type weather this year, and it will affect food and grain prices….Not sure why I brought all this up. Guess I am having a pity party for myself. The MXT Pro is sitting next to me, ready to go, but ready to go is a long time  out. Hope the rest of you are faring better…..

Interestingly enough as I am writing this the morning sky is dark, and I  see a  thunderstorm approaching from the Northeast on the local radar. Willing to bet it will split and divide  over the lake leaving us high and  dry once again…. (and it did).



Thanks as usual to all my friends for forwarding these items of interest…..

Mid-Western Artifact Society

Article Not Exactly a Ringing Endorsement

Rare Silver Ring Found



Once again John Winter shares an informative article. If you havenot learned how to use Google Earth’s  Streetview, make it a point to do so. I have used it locally and it saved a lot of time. I Was looking for an old grove, and located the approximate area
using Google Earth, and luckily the Streetview feature was available, and I was able to ascertain the area was still wooded and not built upon.



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3 responses to “Moving on…..

  1. Robbie

    We actually have it cooler here….. it was in the low 80’s this morning and will get in the mid to high 90’s….. of course the 91% humidity isn’t too bad either. At least that’s what the weatherman said—-I’m trying to stay inside, where it is cool. Houston- the most air conditioned city in the US.

  2. Pretty bad when mid to high 90’s feels cool…..

  3. Robbie

    Rare silver ring————
    By golly it was dug over in England!!!! By a metal detectorist ???

    Why didn’t those archaeologists dig it up?? After all–they know where and what every single thing is located in the ground !!! And if you don’t believe me you can ask them —they will tell you !!! ;o)

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