Playing games…

Well, this morning I did not notice Mr. Barford’s link to my response, and announced such here.  Then, a short time later I did,  and took down my post….my apologies to Mr. Barford and my readers.


In any event Mr. Barford has seen fit to take down the entire back and forth and commented via email:

Hmm, I think the blog’s comment procedure has its on and off days. I actually did answer that this morning  but then I hid it again, it being just the same old boring stuff (I thought you saw it, you logged on while it was at the top of the page). I really do not feel the need to continually justify why I blog.

I’ve shifted the text to my “metal detectorists ghetto blog” which is currently offline but may be made visible one day when tekkies annoy me sufficiently. Mr Howland and your new pal Steve Taylor both have a few mentions in the latter”.

Paul Barford

Mr. Barford, why did you leave up “Response to Criticism from Warsaw” yet take down the latest? Just curious…. Was it “boring” because it didn’t flatter you, or was it that you just don’t like to share such common sense letters on your blog?

So, that’s where things stand, and for the record,  I too have a few things  that may be made visable one day when the likes of Mr. Barford and Mr. Swift annoy me sufficiently. 


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3 responses to “Playing games…

  1. I can hardly contain my indifference, Barfart. I don’t do deals, chat, or take any serious notice of people like you – those who don’t have the balls to show their faces but prefer to snipe from anonymity. I shall however continue to use you as a source of fun and ribald humour.

  2. I was under the impression that what I wrote was a PRIVATE email to you personally. It seems Mr Stout’s ideas of “Standards” differ from those of the rest of us and extend to publishing private emails without the permission of their author.

    I rather thought that the choice of what I decide to put on my own personal blog was my own.

    After having written it and then reflecting on what it added to the blog, I took down this morning’s post in response to the 5th August comments because my response basically repeated what I had said earlier in reply to his previous one. I feel there is only so much I need to say on my own about the antics on Dick Stout’s blog when they illuminate so little and simply avoid the core of the matter which is the question of ‘best practice’.

    I really have no need of “flattery” when we are talking about artefact hunting and collecting. It’s the last thing I expect from artefact hunters and collectors. Neither do I follow what you mean by “share such common sense letters on your blog”.

    • Mr. Barford, you chose to post my letter and respond this morning, and then, for whatever reason, decided to take it down. As for your email, no where did I see “personal, or confidential” mentioned. I have honored a previous email you sent, and will do so when I
      think it’s appropriate. When you “play games” like you did today I
      had to respond accordingly to those who read my blog and website.

      Please note that I share your responses here every single time, because whether or not I agree with you, it’s in good taste, it’s being fair and it’s appropriate for a decent blog or website.

      Have a good night. Your good buddy from Texas

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