Are we not able to see the forest for the trees?

I spend a lot of time perusing the internet, and especially those websites devoted to treasure hunting, and metal detecting. Often lots of good  information, and sometimes even a good laugh or two. Ultimately, however, everybody seems to be looking for that one detector, that one piece of equipment  or accessory that will surely make him the most successful treasure hunter alive, and his next find the best in the world.

When I read all this I see myself about 30 years ago. I didn’t have the internet back then, but I did have all the magazines, all the manufacturer’s catalogs,  and I picked everybody’s brain. I was having fun, but I wanted to have more fun, and I wanted to find more neat things.

I was addicted for sure, as most everyone is, who discovers a pastime that is not only fun, but allows him to bring home more money than he left with.  I will say, however, that finding old coins early on was a helluva lot easier simply because I didn’t have a lot of competition. Back then the definition of a detectorist  was the “old guy at the beach”.  My, how times have changed…

Back then, no matter the model or the manufacturer I could tell you the functions, the controls, the size of the coil, and how much it weighed. I was that in to it, or maybe “fanatical” would be a better choice of words. It was also part of the excitement, the love for this pastime. I wondered and even worried, “could that other  detector really go deeper than the one I have now” or “maybe that extra knob or feature was what I was missing”.

Over the years I have mellowed (okay, I am getting senile) when it comes to having to have the latest, the best or the most expensive detector out there. I don’t get out  as much as I’d like anymore, I don’t have the extra money to splurge, and frankly the detector I use now (MXT Pro) does a damn good job just as it is.

I suspect the need to have the latest, and the best is the same with every pastime, or passion. After all there’s no harm in dreaming, and keeping abreast  of technology, but I have this nagging feeling that while we are out there looking at specs, detector reviews, pushing touchpads, up & down arrows, increasing this, decreasing that, changing audio tones,  sensitivity, accept, reject, changing frequencies, changing coils, some guy is out there with an inexpensive, “turn on and go” machine finding it all before we even get  there, and all because he spent his time researching where to take it.



Regton, Ltd. always hands out the following materials to newcomers, and for that matter everyone who buys a detector  from them. Suspect that is not good enough for the “always on the prowl” duo of Barfart and Swiftie, but then again they have to find a problem with every  aspect of our pastime. Oh well, guess they are entitled to pissing moaning all they want. Jeezus, I hope neither is married….




A reminder that if you are a Facebook user be sure to search for the Jersey Shore Beach and Surf Hunters page. Always lots of good information, and Brian Mayer, who heads up the group, is always posting tips, suggestions and videos. Brian just got a new  video camera, so look out…..



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2 responses to “Are we not able to see the forest for the trees?

  1. Wise words from a ‘senile old man’.
    Worth a mention in my next blog-post I reckon … if only to re-assure people that you are still alive … and kicking!

  2. Robbie

    You don’t need the newest biggest best detector to locate the good stuff, you just need to learn the detector that you own, to the best of its potential and your potential. I have had beginners up to top of the line detecting equipment in the 42 years I have been detecting. Buy a detector that feels good in your hands and learn it well.

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