Barfart & Swiftie…

Apparently the recent UK series, “Britain’s Secret Treasures”,  has gotten Paul Barford, and Nigel Swift in a shit fit, as evidenced by their recent postings. They have now become undercover agents of the highest order, secretively checking out the increased sales of metal detectors at my good friend, Nigel Ingram’s   Regton, Ltd. in Birmingham.

Quoting Mr. Swift….”Just how many new treasure hunters like that fellow have been created, some of them long-term? People who will be in the fields this  weekend indulging in every sort of bad practice as they know no better or simply don’t care? A lot, we must presume. There was scant mention of recording finds  (whaaat!!) and then only in a vague way and there was not a word about avoiding undisturbed pasture, not digging deep, how unacceptable rallies are or even the  importance of keeping off certain sites.

Me thinks… They are jealous of amateur detectorists finding anything valuable and important, and they are two angry and very bitter men, who have nothing else to do  with their lives, but beat down the peoples right to a pastime of their choosing. Maybe someday they will find that pissing in the wind is a waste of time. I offer  their latest responses here reluctantly, but then again perhaps you are in need of a laugh today….

Portable Antiquity and Collecting Issues

Heritage Journal

I guess I will never understand why archaeologists and their like want complete ownership of anything that is buried underground, as if it lawfully belongs to them.  As though they will have the time and the money to excavate every inch of earth. Seems the land owner should have some rights, and if he or she decides to allow  someone else to detect their land, so be it. End of story and none of their business.

Likewise I am tired of this group painting anyone with a metal detector a thief, looter or outlaw. I suspect the real reason they hate so much is that  they are afraid their light is dimming. That their ability to justify their positions and salaries is diminishing. One would think that they would be pleased that  detectorists have recovered treasures that shed light on the ancient past, and that they now have a reference point for further studies and work. Unfortunately that is not the case, and we will  continue to see blogs like those above whose only purpose is to berate and demean the little guy looking to have fun, and just maybe strike it rich. The odds are certainly not in his  favor, but he does indeed have the right to do it and to dream.



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5 responses to “Barfart & Swiftie…

  1. Robbie

    I have read some of those posts of those Englishman, detectorist haters and have no desire to read any more of their blog entries. If they don’t have anything nice to say about metal detectorists…..they shouldn’t say anything !!!!!

    JMHO !!

  2. Ah, but Robbie, that is their life. Sadly…….

    • Robbie

      You’re right–since they don’t have enough funds or time to excavate every inch of ground to save all the items rusting away in the ground, they need something to pass their time away while they are waiting for another bunch of grant money to roll in.


  3. bill from lachine

    I had a bit of a dust up with Nigel last winter…..when I was suffering from cabin fever……actually I’m pretty much in the same frame of mind now…..maybe I’ll go over and offer him an olive branch….or a swift kick in the butt…..I’ll sleep on it and let you folks know how it unfolds…..I’m 1 year older and grouchier….so maybe I’ll leave the olive branch at home.

    Regards + HH


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