Summertime in Texas…

Hmm…. July 23, 2012, North Texas. As is the norm, the temps are at or near 100 degrees, Fahrenheit. No breeze, stifling air, and lots of sweat. Miserable,  pissed off, and ready to fly off anywhere in the world, as long as it’s not Texas.

I used to pride myself on being able to do ALL things outside, no matter the challenge. I hunted in rain, thunderstorms, hail, snow and hurricanes, but I am humbled by  the Texas weather. It has beaten me down, and then hammered me when I was defenseless. I will forever admire Texas detectorists who plod on through all this, and  find treasure. Not sure what they left behind in the way of offensive site damage, but I am appreciative of their durability under the conditions. It is just brutal.

Air conditioning broke down Saturday….hottest day of the year….108. We slept on couches with over head fans and made it through the night. The repairman came  early Sunday, and found a bad capacitor (thank you, thank you). We are now back in business, but worried about the electrical grid. The country is lacking in updated and  effective grids, and Texas is one of the worst.

Hopefully this heat spell will pass (ROFLMAO), and everyday will be glorius. Then again I just had my fourth glass of Merlot. If you live anywhere else in the US, give thanks that you don’t live here.



Thanks to John Winter for all the following articles. I am hoping this show will be shown here in the states  at a later date, or at least be available on DVD.

From “The Telegraph”

Photos from Show



Thanks also to Scott Clark for the following story. I responded that this might be a new avenue for all detecting  clubs. Maybe a sharing of meetings? Ask to attend one of the local historical society meetings, and tell about the pastime. Let them know that we do indeed care  about history, and then maybe a turnaround invite for them to attend one of your club meetings? Just a thought….

History society hosts metal detecting club



Keith Wills is out of the hospital, back home and facing a lengthy recovery. Apparently a lot of the numbness and pain takes time, and the doctors have  told him to wait it out, and that it could take a year for many of his routine functions to return. If you would like to send a note to Keith, you can send it to:  1495 FM 49, Gilmer, Texas 75644. You can also email him at

Keith can use one hand and sent along the following Carl Fismer videos. Most everyone here in Texas knows “Fizz”, and I think you will enjoy these…..



I had hoped that I would be able to share all kinds of tips and suggestions here on my website, especially on a regular basis. That has not happened. Instead  I find myself learning more from you and passing that on. Not what I intended but at least it’s something. I have discovered that as I age, the pastime seems to  change at a quicker pace, and I am having trouble keeping up with it. Not sure what I expected from the aging process, but it’s seems to be working quite well.

I still look forward to detecting, and I will continue to post here, sharing my thoughts, ancient and sometimes foreign, but if those of you who visit Stout standards tell me  you enjoy it, that’s all I need to know.



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5 responses to “Summertime in Texas…

  1. Robbie

    There are quite a few local detectorists here in Houston that read your website often,( after I told them of it) and like it. Hope you keep on posting.

  2. Thanks Robbie, appreciate it….. Have a feeling it’s even hotter down there.

  3. Robbie

    We haven’t gotten to 108 like you up there in the D/FW area but it is pretty danged hot and humid anyways…..

  4. Larry "Packrat" Bateham

    Hi Dick
    I have been around since 1971 and I knw of many of the people you write about You are one of the few who keep our history and the names alive Keep up the great work

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