Bob Sickler, good friend, treasure hunter and author…

I got a surprise phone call today from Bob Sickler, my old friend from back East. We spent close to an hour chatting and getting caught up on many things, and after hanging up I felt good.

Bob will probably not like me calling him an old-timer at 60 years of age, but he is, and I use that term in a flattering way. He’s been involved in just about every facet of this pastime there is. Many of you will remember his field tests for “Western and Eastern Treasures” years ago. They were always detailed, factual and extremely well written. Never filled with “flowery” praises. He gave you the good with the bad, often to the  chagrin of the manufacturers. Bob also is the author of “The Detectorist”, which in my mind, is the best book ever written for the treasure hunter.

What did we talk about? You name it! We discussed old versus new detectors, past forays in the field, finds, and yep, aches, pains and ailments. We talked about old friends who have left us, and those that are still around. We talked about old picnic groves, loamy soil, Liberty Seated coins, and everything treasure hunting. After all that is what old farts do (sorry Bob). When I hung up the phone I was even more homesick for the Northeast.

Bob is very active on the Metal Detecting Equipment forum, and if you are interested in getting good, useful information check it out.  It’s a no frills, no advertising, no arguments, no sarcastic comments, great group of people. I always make sure to look at Bob’s responses because he knows detectors inside out and what makes them tick.

Incidentally Bob still has a few copies left of “The Detectorist”, and if you don’t already have this book in your collection, I would urge you to order one. I guarantee you will find it the most informative and comprehensive book  on metal detecting out there today.  If you are interested go to Bob Sickler/Grahpic Designs and tell Bob I sent you. I have a sneaky feeling he would be glad to sign a copy for you.

Thanks for the call Bob….enjoyed it a great deal. Thank you as well for all your contributions to this great pastime over the years…



Thanks to Neil Schwartz for the following story….wasn’t aware of this.  Incidentally Neil has a great website called West Jersey Detecting.

Stalking the Cooper River for Thousands of Fake Nickels



hanks to Melissa Wise of White’s Electronics for the following article……

Record Treasure Hauled from Shipwreck



Thanks to Regton, Ltd. for the following article….

13 Year Old Boy Using Metal Detector Finds 2 lb Meteorite



Still hanging around the house, avoiding the weather. Can’t wait for Saturday…should be 106, and even after this heat spell breaks (which is  usually the end of August) the ground will still be rock hard.  We need rain, and we need lots of it….same ole crap every year here, and it get’s old real quick. Fed up with this routine. I just don’t get some parts of the country getting deluged with rain, and we don’t see a drop.  I really think it’s time to “fool around” with Mother Nature.

So here I sit, eating and drinking myself to death, and writing a new book.  John Howland keeps reminding me of Ernest Hemingway’s motto, “write drunk,  edit sober”….



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2 responses to “Bob Sickler, good friend, treasure hunter and author…

  1. Robbie

    Dick, along with your books, Bob’s book, “The Detectorist” is in the top 5 books about metal detecting. :o)

  2. I agree and would definitely have Bob Sickler’s book “The Detectorist” in my top 5 metal detecting books too! I highly recommend this book for beginners and experienced Detectorists!

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