New Minelab pinpointer…

Amazed at the hype and build up about the new Minelab pinpointer….  It looks very much like the Garrett Pro, and evidently will be available on July 30th.  Not sure of the price, but speculation has it at around $165.

I have the White’s Bullseye II and like it, but I can’t understand the interest in newer such products. What is it that you want them to do? They have lights, they beep, they hum, they are expensive little buggers, they’re one more thing to carry,  and can easily  get stepped on or left behind. Call me cynical, but I can’t remember having to carry so damn many extra’s with me when I went out detecting. Just an apron and
a screwdriver was all that was needed.

And please don’t get me started on those damn cameras on your head…..



Got an email from Richard Ray saying “I’m still doing the Hyper Baric thing every day, have a couple more weeks, the wound is healing, slowly, Got a cortisone shot  in my knee yesterday” Richard is also looking for a widow to move in with him and help with the care….

On the flip side I just got an email from Keith Will’s wife, Rebekah, that he is now back in the hospital. Apparently since the surgery his hands and feet have  not healed as expected and he is in a lot of pain. They will be doing tests to see if they can find the problem and of course a fix. Rebekah asks that you please keep him  in your prayers. As soon as I have more information I will pass it along…



Sitting here staring at my MXT Pro, and wishing I had some good reason to use it. Right now I have aches and pains in places I didn’t know existed,  and despite the myriad of pills I have to take each day, they just seem to get worse. The weather is hot and humid, and I don’t currently have a site that begs  me to take it’s treasures.

I look at my Gibson guitar sitting next the upright bass, and it needs a change of strings and a good polishing. Unfortunately that’s about all I can do for it  anymore since arthritis has taken over my hands. I remember looking at my Mom’s hands and thinking how gnarled they looked, and now mine look the same. Each time  I pick it up and attempt to play, I wind up getting angry, sometimes crying. When you love playing music, and then suddenly lose the ability to do it, it is depressing.  I know what to do, what chord or melody to play but the fingers just don’t go where they are supposed to. Basic chords are suddenly not so basic anymore….

I can very easily get depressed, and I suspect the older I get the more frequently it will happen, but I now think of Joe Cook, who battled cancer for five very long years,  and I suddenly feel ashamed. Joe passed away two weeks ago, and up to the end he was always upbeat, and like he could take on the world. Last year I also lost  my Mom, and two months later my sister-in-law (who also battled cancer for two years).

Joe’s recent passing has reminded me that I am one very lucky guy. I am still able to see the sun rise and set each day, and find joy in a million little things.  I suspect none of what I am saying here makes any sense to a lot of you, and I guess I am crying in my beer (or wine to be precise), but I feel certain that down the road you too will understand what is really imporant in life. Continue to find those treasures you seek, but don’t overlook the ones right under your nose. They can be gone in an instant…..



Thanks to Roger Horrom for the following story…..I am going out tomorrow to capture and train two starlings.

 Change is in the Air



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5 responses to “New Minelab pinpointer…

  1. What you say in Joe’s a Hero makes a lot of sense to me. If it’s any compensation Dick, I also have things about my person that don’t work anymore. Bits are dropping off and I sometimes feel sorry for myself.

    I have a stock reply when asked how I am and that’s “CHAMPION!” Often the enquirer is in a worse state than I am … we have a lot to be thankful for as you say.

    You have made a thought-provoking post … thank you.

  2. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone….. Any clues on how to fix all this?

  3. Hey, what’s wrong with my live dig camera strapped on my head? I love sharing my hunting. Great rainy-day activity, watching others hunt.

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