Baseball cards…

Nice to know that I am not the only one who blew a fortune in baseball cards. Got two emails from friends pretty much detailing the same mistake I made. They too  just gave their collections away to younger kids/relatives, etc., and now cry in their beer.

What I neglected to say in the original post was that I decided about ten years ago to try and get back to collecting baseball cards again. I studied Ebay, websites, and  all things baseball cards. My intention was to just go after Yankee cards (again), and see what I could do, and just maybe make a few bucks. Initially I had fun,  but then after about six months I had a helluva lot of cards, but nothing worth much of anything.

What really amazed me is how this very innocent, simple hobby of years ago had become big business. In the 50’s and 60’s there were three companies (that I can remember), and today there are a zillion of them, and they don’t just produce one yearly series, but many different ones.  I finally gave up with this attempt, and just chalked it up to progress (or how a kid’s fun pastime or hobby can be ruined forever). How sad….



Went out to the mailbox yesterday, and was delighted to find the latest edition of the “Treasure Hunter’s Express”, Paul Tainter’s quarterly newsletter. I  couldn’t wait to open it up and start reading. You’ve heard me mention Paul many times before, but if you are relatively new to this pastime you may not know  the name. I won’t bother to bore you with the details of why he is a legend….I will simply ask you to use the search screen above and type in his name, and you  might also check out the Photo set 15 on this site.

When I read Paul’s writings, thoughts, stories, tips and ideas, I get just as enthused as I did 30 years ago when I was reading similar things in “The Exanimo  Express”. Over the years Paul was part of a group that included Abe Lincoln, Richard Ray, Karl von Mueller, Charles Garrett, Glenn Carson, Michael Paul Henson, Roy Volker  and Jimmy Sierra, just to name a few. His Treasure Expo’s were legend, and a time where you could spend a few days, and come away with leads, stories, and memories to last a lifetime, not to mention  a hangover every now and then (thanks to “Boomers” bar).

Joan and Paul Tainter, recent photo….

In Paul’s latest newsletter he shared a story about “hobos”…a word that I hadn’t heard in a long while, but that sure rang a bell with me. When I was growing up  in Lambertville, New Jersey, our house pretty much abutted a railroad track, and we often had hobos ring our doorbell, asking for a “bite to eat”. My Mom, being the  old school Italian lady she was, always obliged, usually with a sandwich, a cup of coffee and a piece of pie (not bad for just a bite to eat). I can remember looking  out the window at the strangers, sitting on our porch enjoying their food, and was always fascinated with them, and what sort of lives they lived.

Not having thought much about this group of people in many years, Paul brought them back in focus, as he always does with a lot of his writings. Having been a close  friend of Karl von Mueller, this doesn’t surprise me. If there is one person out there today who is on the verge of finding a cache or long storied treasure I am sure  it’s Paul. His collection of books, writings, memoirs, maps, tales and diaries compare to none that I know of, and he is constantly adding notes to every story he’s  ever heard. Do not however expect to hear about it if Paul does find that big one (just a guess on my part).

If you interested in knowing more about the “Treasure Hunter’s Express” or for that matter, Paul himself, email him at or write him at Treasures Hunter’s Express, 335 North William Avenue, Fremont, Nebraska 68025.



Want to take this moment to wish all my many French friends and TH’ers, Happy Bastille Day! Having spent time in your homes, and having shared those fabulous Sunday meals with your family, I can only imagine how you celebrate this very special day. Hopefully one day I can, but knowing you like I do, I doubt that I could keep up with  you all. I would, however, like the opportunity to try! Viva la France!!



Thanks, as usual to Regton, ltd. for the following news update…..

13 Year Old Boy Finds 2lb Meteorite



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2 responses to “Baseball cards…

  1. Robbie

    I had a very small collection of baseball cards way back when….and used them in my bicycle spokes to get that motorcycle sound.. I know I had some Mantle’s, Berra’s, Maris and other Hall of Fame players. WHAT WAS I THINKING ???
    But I mostly was into comic books. I still have about 300 or so comics from the late 50’s to early 1960’s– including The Amazing Spiderman issues 1 through 10 ( too bad they are very used and well read comics) We bought comics to read—— glad those weren’t thrown out. :o)

  2. Forgot about comics….the ones I had (and gave away) were the “Tarzan” ones. I had about 20 or 30, from number one on. The covers were actual photographs which made them a little different. Now you got me looking them up online. Who knew?

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