The treasure I gave away…

When I read this  article in my local paper, it brought back memories of what might have been. Memories that I think a lot of you might have as well….

More on this story from CBS

When I was growing up back in the late 40’s and early 50’s I, like many other kids, collected baseball cards. Never chewed the gum. It was always stale and hard as a rock.  I would buy these card packs whenever I could scrape up enough money, and I would accumulate, collect and trade with others so that I could eventually have a complete  set. I usually accomplished that by the end of the baseball season.

I was (and still am) a very avid New York Yankee fan, and would try to accumulate as many Yankee cards as I could, never mind if there were duplicates. They were  Yankees, and you could never have too many Yankee cards. Mantle, Berra, Rizzuto, Bauer, Stengel…loved them all. I would sometimes have enough Yankee cards to make up  four or five sets in a given year. As I remember, there were only three manufacturers….Bowman, Topps and Fleer.

I was such a card collector that my Uncle Pat (a carpenter by trade) made me a large, dovetailed box, with a sliding top, to hold them all. I would ofen  spend hours just going through my card collection, and reading the stats on the back of each. My baseball card obsession continued on thru perhaps the early 60’s. Even  in my later teens I never missed a chance to complete a series, and accumulate more Yankee cards.


When I entered the Army back in 1964 I would try to call home on Sundays, depending upon where I was stationed. One Sunday Mom asked, “do you  still want those baseball cards under the bed upstairs? Thought maybe the neighbor kids next door would enjoy them . “My response? “Nah, give them to them….tell  them to have fun with them.”

I will forever remember that moment, because I now know that I gave away a fortune. When I see those Mickey Mantle cards from the 50’s selling for $1,000 and on up,  it makes me sick (one of the 1951 rookie cards was sold for $600,000). I remember them vividly and feel certain I probably had six or seven of all them from each year,  and in mint condition. But then was then, and who knew?

I can just see those kids putting those Mantle cards on their bicycle spokes …..



Another great post from Mr.John Winter. Give it a look….interesting story,  and one that garnered a few responses.



Heard from both Keith Wills and Larry Bateham, and they are both on the mend. Keith regained his walking functions, which is a big step, given that he was  falling in all directions prior to his surgery. He still has not regained the feeling in his hands, and cannot do any work on the detectors in his shop. He  is hoping that this will come back through therapy and time. The doctor said that his spinal cord was damaged some, but just how much no one seems to know. Hope  you will drop Keith note at, or at Keith Wills, 1495 FM 49, Gilmer, Texas 75644.

Larry (Packrat) is also on the mend, and said the doc didn’t want to see him for a couple of months. He has also been given the go ahead to go back to work  on August 1st. Those of you who know Larry can send him a card or letter at 6423 West Montgomery Road, Deer Park, Washington 99006. His email is

Last I heard Richard Ray is also on the mend, but will find out more in the next day or so. Richard’s a tough one so I have a lot of faith that he is giving  em all hell at the hospital. If you want, give him a shout at



Thanks to Nigel Ingram for the following reminder…..This series will start July 16th. Hoping that it will eventually be shown over here.

British Museum to Reveal the 50 Greatest Treasures Discovered by the British Public



Found this article online, and it bothered me a great deal. Not sure what the area around the battlefield is like now, but years ago there were a lot of  farmed fields all around it that you could hunt, if you knew the owner or someone else who did. I spent a few days with a friend from the Gettysburg club doing  just that. To even attempt something like this is so wrong and does nothing to further our pastime.

Gettysburg Investigates Relic Hunting


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