Taking some heat……

Well, as expected I received a few emails criticizing my last post about “Who’s to Blame”……

Apparently I was not aware of the many efforts going on throughout the country, and that detectorists really do care about their fellow hobbyists. I  was just making mountains out of mole hills, and apparently I am over-the-hill and out of touch with the pastime.

I will agree with being over-the-hill, and maybe I am not aware of all the changes going on, but after over 35 years I am still  looking for that ONE strong, affective, all inclusive, “no way you are kicking our ass” group (and that includes all you manufacturers). Hoping that before I leave this world it will show up.



The heat wave hitting the country right now is effecting our hobby big time. If you are still hunting parks and inland areas in these temps, please stop.  You will be risking your health, and at the same time hurting other detectorists by leaving unsightly plugs here and there.

As for those of you who hunt the beach all the time? I hate you guys with a passion (just kidding). If you are on Facebook try to connect with the Jersey Shore Beach and Surf Hunters. Great group of people  and lots of good, useful information.



Still hearing rumors about two companies coming out with new detectors this fall. One top of the line, and the other a low end model. Despite my  prying and coaxing, no one is offering anything concrete on this. Nevertheless, always fun to speculate…..



Not sure how many of you have followed this but  I have done so religiously over the past few years. Not sure why….the story just fascinates me, and I am really hoping this current expedition sheds real light  on the subject.

I last read “Amelia Earhart’s Shoe” and found it a great read, and suspect it’s because of the researcher in me. Nonetheless if you have haven’t delved into this  story I would urge you to do so. It’s a mystery, it’s history, and sooner or later it will be solved thanks to the Tighar Group



 I understand the fascination with forums. You can learn a great deal by listening to others involved in the pastime, and often save time and money in the process.  What I don’t understand is why those who frequent them always find a way to get into arguments, or be nasty with others. Maybe someone can explain  that to me.

I will admit to checking out the various forums every couple of days, and I will sometimes click on a topic to see what it’s about. End result? Usually something  that loses it’s intent five posts later.

Then there are the forum owners, overseers, administrators, whatever, who will allow insults, hateful comments, but chastise anyone adding useful information,  that includes a link to their site/blog or that of a company that doesn’t advertise on theirs. Come on folks, there are apples, oranges, Fords and Chevys, and guess what?  In this pastime there’s White’s, Garrett, Fisher, Minelab, Tesoro, Teknetics and Bounty Hunter….. JMO!!



Thanks to Regton, Ltd. for the following articles…..


Roman Coins Find Prompts Dig

After Decades Lost a Ring Returned



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5 responses to “Taking some heat……

  1. waylon123

    You? Over the hill? Nah, you never even began climbing it. But you gotta remember one thing, hobbyists get the laws and restrictions they were too lazy to fight ,and you can’t blame the arkies for spotting and exploiting that weakness. Fair play to them.

    Amelia Earheart was heading for Howland Island.

    Forums are the way they are, because few hobbyits have the guts to put thier real names to the insults. Some of the dross forums we have here in the UK are quite appaling – Jesus H Christ, we have even got clubs banning thier members from wearing cammo gear, YET, people still join!!!

  2. Knew I could count on you for some uplifting support in my aging process, and yes Amelia was heading for “Howland” island. Probably why she disappeared…

    • Robert Kerr

      l’m with you, hope they solve Amelia mystery.
      Keep on talking The Goverment hasn’t put a tax on speaking. Yet

  3. Mike Smith

    Your spot on with your comments about this subject. As a former FMDAC Chapter President, I experienced the lack of response to problems in our community. I don’t have an answer but I hope you will continue to encourage our members to GET INVOLDED!
    Keep up the good work and don’t get discouraged!

  4. Mike, I know what you went through, and you deserve a lot of credit
    for hanging in there as long as you did. I’ll keep on keeping on but sometimes I think we are just spitting in the wind.

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