A new month and hopefully better days…

Spent the weekend thinking about Joe Cook’s passing and all the good times we had. Hard to believe he is gone….. This morning he was put to rest.

His partner in crime, Bruce Hazelman, said that there was a crowd at his viewing last night, and I wasn’t surprised. Joe had a great many friends, and he will be missed.


On a lighter note…..

I heard from Richard Ray, Larry Bateham (packrat) and Keith Wills, and all seem to be recovering fine. Larry had surgery for colon cancer,  and the doctors  think it was a success. Richard is still making his daily trips to the hospital where he spends a couple hours in a Hypoberic Chamber, but his wound is gettng smaller,  and things are looking up.

Keith’s surgery to relieve pressure on his spinal cord also apparently went well, although he is still waiting for feeling to come back to his hands and feet. That  was to be expected from the type of operation he had. He will start therapy next week, and he is hoping to get back to the shop to catch up on work for customers.

Here in my neck of the woods, and apparently in many places thoughout the country, we are being beaten down by the heat. Ground is hard as a rock, and not conducive to  detecting, or for that matter, any type of activity outside. At least not here.

If you too are experiencing triple digit heat please be careful if you go out detecting.  Fay had a patient in the hospital not too long ago who experienced heat stroke from working outside, and died shortly after being admitted (and he was a young man). This type of thing can sneak up on you, so please, please don’t overdo it….

The outlook for me getting out detecting is this. Seems like every year the summer gets hotter and  hotter, with the days of triple digit heat increasing in total. If by chance you are having too much rain please send it here. No questions asked!


More on the Jersey Hoard

Free Topo Map Site

Lost and Found in the Sands of Time

And last but not least, if you have a Garrett Pro-Pointer, or for that matter, any pinpointer (although John winter thinks not), you just  might have a new source of income…… Read more about it here.






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2 responses to “A new month and hopefully better days…

  1. Hi Dick … just a comment on some of your tid-bits … I’ve never experienced heat like that before – here in the UK the weather is rather cooler. We have heavy precipitation at the moment and I understand that there is more rain to follow. No change there, then!

    I’ve just completed 2000+ words on the Jersey Hoard, but from the finders’ viewpoint. There are also some revelations that were not reported in the mainstream press … but you’ll have to sign up for the next digital version of The Searcher if you wish to find out more. There are also super pictures not published in other publications!

    And just a follow-up to the Garrett Pro-Pointer story. I can reveal that Garrett have agreed to give a complimentary Pointer to the farmer!

  2. Trade you your rain for our heat? Will check out the digital version of the Searcher….looking forward to reading that article.

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