Treasure hunting world has lost a good friend……

It’s with a very heavy heart that I mention the passing of Joe Cook,  former president of the FMDAC, and most important a very dear friend. Joe died at  home this morning, the way he wanted it to be. I will pass along more information as I receive it. I will also share more of my association with him soon. Right now  it’s hard to even type this…. Rest in peace my friend.



John, the magnificent, Howland has spoken, and this time on a broad scale. His latest Malamute Saloon entry is a good one, with a good article on “Old British  Coppers”  and more on the Garrett AT Gold detector, and yes even the “Warsaw Shroud”. A few photos grace this update as well. Give it a look by clicking on the Malamute Saloon above….And oh yeah, more funnies.



Just recently read an article about the reality show, “House Hunters”, and guess what? It’s a set-up, a phony…..a lie. What a surprise?  (See story here.)

I bring this up because of the shows, “American Digger”, and “The Diggers”, which most of know are fakes as well. It appears that Diggers (National Geographic)  will be on the air again this year with a new series. I, personally have not viewed an episode of this show, but from what I hear it is somewhat better then  American Digger, but that isn’t saying much.

I also heard from a close friend that National Geographic was seeking help from a couple of archaeological/historical groups to improve the show’s accuracy and legitimacy, but after they looked at the website of the show’s featured participants they backed out.

I am very disappointed in the National Geographic Channel (especially after the “Lucky Muckers”), and hope they find a way to show our pastime in a more realistic  light this time around. If not, I think it’s time for all of us to react with emails, letters, and perhaps even a boycott of the show’s sponsors. Time will tell…



If you have read Dan Brown’s, The Da Vinci Code (and cannot imagine you haven’t), you will love John Winter’s lastest blog  Masonic Detecting Finds.  Great writing, and part two is still to come….

Thanks John for continually posting informative, and useful information….



Thanks to Regton, Ltd. for the following news item…..

Jersey Pair in 30 Year Search for Iron Age Coins



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2 responses to “Treasure hunting world has lost a good friend……

  1. Dick

    Sorry too hear about the death of your friend. I’m afraid it’s all part of life and at our age we can expect to attend more and more funerals.


    Here’s a bit of news and update for your ‘great’ friend in the UK … hot off the press. From 23 July Dr Roger Bland has been Appointed Keeper of Prehistory and Europe at the British Museum but will remain as Head of the Portable Antiquities and Treasure (PAS).

    The merging of the two departments will require a new name. Perhaps the ‘great’ one can come up with a few suggestions. 🙂

    Dr Bland hopes that it should be possible to provide a better service for
    Treasure finds by streamlining the process for writing reports for coroners. Future funding issues for the PAS may well have been put to rest with its inclusion within a British Museum department.


    All reports on the the ‘Iron Age Hoard found in Jersey’ pay scant attention to the guys who found the coins. Hopefully I redress the balance. After speaking to one of the guys today, my article will take a different tack and concentrate mainly on the the detectorists.


    Thank you for your kind words and link to my blog. It is appreciated. Part 2 of Masonic Detecting Finds will be my next post … coming to a computer near you soon!


    Best wishes … and keep up the good work!


  2. waylon123

    I only met Joe Cook once and straightaway liked the cut of his jib. A huge loss, and my sincere condolences to his family.

    I had the pleasure of hunting with Reg Mead many years ago on the Island of Jersey. He deserves the full reward, and he and Richard have my very best wishes on this major, and magnificent find.

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