Richard Ray…


Medical problems seem to be affecting a lot of my detecting friends, and it’s not fun having to pass this type of information along, but by the same token I know a lot of you who follow Stout Standards know these people personally as well.

My friend Richard Ray has been battling Necrotizing fasciitis…a very serious affliction, and has been traveling to the hospital daily, spending a couple of hours in a hypoberic chamber, as well as being treated at home. He did tell me things were  improving some, and the disease did not get into his blood stream.

Hope you will all keep Richard in your thoughts and prayers, and if you want to send a get well wish, send it to: Richard Ray, 600 FM 994, Naples,  Texas 75568.

If you have been around this pastime for a while you surely know who Richard Ray is.  For those of you don’t go  to:

and scroll down to the February 1st entry. Richard is truly a legend and pioneer in the treasure hunting world…..



Got a note from Rebekah Wills, Keith’s wife that he is undergoing surgery today for a pinched spinal cord in his neck. A very tedious and serious  operation. If all goes well Keith will come home tomorrow, have a cast on his neck, and no voice for serveral days. He will also have to undergo therapy.  The surgery is being done at the Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview, Texas.

Rebekah asks us all to keep Keith in our prayers, and also asked that if you can visit him at home, to please take him for a walk to keep up his strength.  She will be holding down the fort (as in shop). Keith is owner/operator of East Texas Metal Detectors and another  well known pioneer in the pastime.

If want so send a get well card please send it to: Keith Wills, 1495 FM 49, Gilmer, Texas 75644, and to check on him please call 903-918-1890 (Rebekah’s cell).

Get well Keith and hurry back out in the field….a lot of friends counting on that!


Totally unrelated to metal detecting….. Our two daughters took us out yesterday to see the show “Jersey Boys” at the Winspear Opera House here in  Dallas, and it was fantastic. Highly recommend it to all of you. If you are not familar with it, it’s about the life and times of Frankie Valli and the Four  Seasons. Great music, and extremely well done.

The show really made me miss New Jersey and this sign in the lobby rang so true. Loved it…..



Would like to tell you about all the great finds I’ve made, but I have not been out, and the weather is not helping. We are officially on the  normal summer schedule as in this forecast. If it’s a normal Texas summer we won’t see any  change until about September. Boy do I miss New Jersey.


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