A good friend and treasure hunter needs your prayers….

As many of you know Joe Cook has been battling cancer for many years, and is now in a tough stretch. Joe was the president of the FMDAC for many years, and  a great friend, not just to me, but to a great many in this pastime. Hope you will take a minute and send off a card or note, and keep him in your prayers…. As  a favor to me, do it asap.

His address is:

Joe Cook, c/o Barn Hill Care Center, 249 High Street, Newton, NJ 07860 

 Keep fighting Joe, we’re in your corner…… 



If you are intereseted in the latest Minelab detector, you can read a field test in the latest Searcher magazine (and  they now have an app available for all you techies). To find out more click on John Winter’s site. Sounds like a good one….can’t wait till mine arrives.


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