John and Jack, video stars…

Was reading through the latest Garrett newsletter today, and low and behold there was a photo of John Howland, proudly showing off an early copper he found. Then later on, I later found a video of him explaining the AT Pro, and his partner in crime, Jack Dey, doing the same with the Ace. All I could think was,  “doesn’t Garrett know better?” Don’t they know these guys will say and do anything for a buck (or better yet, a pint).

Watch these, and keep in mind that both of these guys can usually be found at a pub, 24/7. I am wondering how many takes it took to get these videos fit for public  consumption, and amazingly I didn’t hear one “F” word throughout…..

I can see I need to cross the pond soon, and get them familar with a couple of White’s detectors.  I know they are pissed most of the time, but never to this  extent….



Thanks, as usual, to Regton, Ltd. for the following news articles….

World War II Shipwreck Found

62 Pound Gold Nugget Found

Iron Age Gold Bracelet



Yo Bubba:

Many thanks for the brilliant write-up…..and yes there was a modicum of English hospitality involved, apres hunt. After a long day in the great English wind  and summer rain, we adjourned to the zillion-year old costal pub in Worth Matravers The Square and Compass, home to some of the finest real ales to be had anywhere in this  Sceptered Isle, where another attraction aside the excellent ales is a dedicated museum inside the inn itself displaying many great metal detecting finds.

The ale of choice was a potent concoction called ‘Stingray’ – luckily, neither I nor my pals from the colonies were driving, that task falling to Regton’s Grand  Fromage, Nigel ngram.


Waylon (another pseudonym)

PS. Feel free to print the above to redress the balance that I have been known to drink lemonade. Pics attached.

l, to r: Nigel Ingram (Regton), Henry Tellez, Steve Moore and Brian McKenzie (Garrett)



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2 responses to “John and Jack, video stars…

  1. Yes very sadly I was the ‘driver’ for the evening, hell there’s no way I’m sitting in a vehicle whilst some ‘foreigners’ drive me around whilst complaining the damn steering wheels fitted the wrong side. The museum was fascinating, the beer was glorious and the detecting stories almost plausible. Oh & one last thing, ‘John & Jack video stars’ if you freeze frame at 0.03 seconds in the first video that’s me in the background trying to look warm and interested at finding another 2pence piece.

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