Where I work (and hide….)

After spending time talking with John Howland and John Winter via Skype, I feel like I know their lairs, their offices (well, okay at least I know John Winter’s).  Howland’s varies somewhat with books in the back ground one time, and bottles in the background other times  (as in the Mayfly Pub).

Skype is a terrific program in that you can see who you are talking with, and group conversations are possible. I enjoy these chats in that we can talk and share  ideas, as well as tell it like it really is. Howland can sometimes look a little piqued, or a little under the weather, but having known him for some time, I understand the  various differences. John’s condition, whether sober or pissed, in no way interferes with his ability to make us laugh.

I once spent a few minutes perusing John Winter’s office as he passed his webcam around some, and I was impressed with his professional, studious and  efficient work area. Although I try hard to make mine look that way, it just doesn’t come close. His is also a separate building in back of the living quarters  (I’m envious).

I think everyone one has to have an “office”, a “hideaway”, a “sanctum”, where you can hibernate, think, bitch, curse some, and fart as loud and as often as you want.  A place where you can be by yourself, away from the rest of the family, and where you can just be YOU.

Here’s a few photos of my hidey hole, where I am prepared for tornadoes, alien invasions, the plague, tidal waves, tsunamis and swarms of  locusts. John Howland, please take note of the empty decanter in the last photo. It was filled with Glenfiddich single malt not too long ago.  Then suddenly the source dried up?



Stumbled upon this video, and wanted to share it. It’s well done, and while it might not be as dramatic (as in phony and stupid) as American Digger, it is  something I would love to see turn into a regular TV offering. I don’t know Spencer or Jason, but they need to get an agent. Great job guys….



Just got an update from the Malamute Saloon via the Mayfly Pub, and will have it posted in a day or two…..



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7 responses to “Where I work (and hide….)

  1. wintersen

    Hey Dick … do you know another John Winter?
    That can’t be me you are talking about. 🙂

  2. Complete bullshit. Stout’s office resembles a web-strewn cellar typical of the Burgundy region. Mine on the other hand, has the finesse of the Cotes de Castillon, which winos will know is better than St Emillion – much better.

  3. No! I have a way with wine! Hey, have you tried that Mywok Ridge Californian? Hmmm, not bad at all (for an American!)

  4. Just don’t spill it on Formica – it lifts it. Buck fifty? That much?

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