John Punola….one talented guy

I received a letter the other day from my friend John Punola, sharing his experience at the Atlantic City hunt. Along with a photo, John also included an article he recently  wrote for the Boating on the Hudson magazine, just one of the many publications that he writes  for.

If John’s name is not familiar to you, it should be. He has been a contributing editor for Western and Eastern Treasures now for many, many years. John is also the author of  “Fishing New Jersey Trout”, and frequent contributor to many of the various fishing publications back East.

I wanted to share his latest article with you. I enjoy reading anything about the Civil War, and found this one very interesting..thanks for sending it along John .

“Canadians In Our Civil War” by John Punola

If you are interested in any of John’s writing, or ordering his books, you can email him at….


Not a lot to report this time around, but some interesting articles and videos. Forgive me for not crediting the sources…. They more than likely came  from Regton, Ltd., Jessie Thompson, or Ron Guinazzo….

Buried Iphone Returned to Owner

British Museum Restores Helmet


Thanks to all of you who reminded me that I can add one more digit to my age today……appreciate your remembering, and good wishes. Would like to say I am going to go wild and crazy today, but those kind of thoughts disappeared some time ago. I am just damn happy I woke up this morning.


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