Remembering the meaning of this weekend…

This weekend we will be remembering all the brave men and women who gave their lives so we could live free in the greatest country in the world. Thanks to them you will be enjoying that cookout, family get-together, parade, fireworks, whatever… They will not…. Let’s not get caught up in all the festivities that we forget the real meaning  of Memorial Day.

I lost a couple of very good friends in the Viet Nam conflict, and I can still see their faces and their smiles……



May seems to be the time for new books coming on the scene. Just finished Chris Altmann’s book “From the Ground Up”, and I received a copy of Robbie Morin’s book, “Find More Silver Coinshooting Parks and Schools”….

Robbie is a good friend, and I am happy that he has decided to write a book….. He has been a long time contributor to Stout Standards, offering up a lot of good  information, and has also written a few articles for Western and Eastern Treasures magazine.

In his new book Robbie share’s his knowledge and expertise about hunting city parks and schools, and while you may think you know all about those places, you will change your mind  after reading his book.

“Find More Silver Coinshooting Parks and Schools” is a great addition to any detectorist’s library, and is available from



I know Ron Guinazzo, and like him a great deal but he is becoming one big pain in the arse….. No matter where I go….online, on TV, there he is, showing  off his finds. This, his latest video offering, is no different. He has found more neat things in the past week than I have found in the past five years, and I  think someone close to him needs to cut the wires on his coils, or run over his detector (Just a thought…).

Sorry Ron. No one is entitled to this much time in the field, finding so many good things……you are pissing off a lot of detectorists…..


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  1. Amen to Memorial Day. And we are still losing them. God bless them all.

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