Are We Forgetting A Few Things…

From time to time I watch a few videos on the various detecting websites, and it seems like I am seeing more about the find itself, and the hell  with how it’s recovered…..

Look, I get the thing with wearing a camera on your head (um, I think?), but it doesn’t make you immune from digging a neat plug. Please, next time out, carry a drop cloth and “take your time” recovering  that target. Having the latest, the biggest and the best doesn’t exempt you from doing the right thing. When you forget you make it difficult for a lot of people….. (and with a pinpointer no less?)

 Doesn’t anyone do this anymore…..?



My wife Fay is a great cook, and just the other day fixed what is called Mexican roasted corn. She noticed street vendors selling it in  Mexico while on a photo workshop, and found the recipe in a recent issue of Saveur magazine…. Once you have your corn on the cob this way you  will never go back to your normal routine (ours was usually butter and salt).

Though amounts are given for the garnish… We prefer to just set out the necessary ingredients and let everyone fix their own corn to their liking.

4 large ears of CORN, with husks still attached


1  1/2 c. COTIJA CHEESE, crumbled (you may substitute Parmesan cheese or Queso Fresco)

4 Tbsp. CILANTRO, minced


Kosher SALT and freshly ground PEPPER, to taste

1 LIME, cut into 4 wedges

Working with one ear of corn at a time, peel back the husks to expose the kernels, leaving husks attached at the base. Remove the silk threads and tie husks  together with kitchen twine around base of cob to form a handle. Repeat with remaining ears.

Transfer corn to a large bowl or pot of water and let soak for 30 minutes (husks and all).Build a medium-hot fire in a charcoal grill or heat a gas grill over medium-high heat. Transfer corn to grill; cook turning occasionally, until charred and cooked through, about 20 minutes.

Remove the corn from the grill and brush with mayonnaise.

Place cheese on a plate and roll each ear of corn in cheese to coat. Sprinkle corn evenly with some of the cilantro, chile powder, and salt and pepper, pressing the corn so that seasonings and cheese will adhere to the mayonnaise.

Serve with lime wedges. (Do not omit the squeeze of lime juice! It is sublime!) Grab a hold of the husks, (they make a natural handle)… and get ready  to get messy!

Serves 4… but this is so good, that you may want to double the ingredients and plan on 2 ears per person!


John Winter’s blog is never dull, and I love it when I get a notification about an update. His latest is based on the year,  1985, when the first edition of the The Searcher was published. I found it interesting for a lot of reasons, but  it was “my time” in that I was very active with the FMDAC, meeting with people in the UK, and yes, even big John Howland is mentioned in that very first issue.

If you go back that far (and you probably do if you are reading this) check it out…..lots of fun reading.



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3 responses to “Are We Forgetting A Few Things…

  1. Ah! The good old ‘buy two, get one free ploy!
    I can see a need for a cloth when on certain pastures Dick, but we would be laughed at if employing on the majority of English fields.
    For a moment I thought I’d strayed over to one of the UK daytime TV cooking channels. Mrs John doesn’t like corn … have you got an alternative?
    Glad you liked and could identify with my latest blogpost.
    That bloke Howland gets everywhere!
    (My spell checker insists that I mean LOWLAND)!

    • It all depends on where you are and what is acceptable. Type of dirt also plays a part in my digging habits. The majority of the places I detect making sure the holes are filled in are the only requirements. I do my best to make it appear that I was never there but have never gotten in the habit of carrying a towel around with me.

  2. Fay and I always found it strange that in all our travels to France we never saw corn on the menu. The French think of it as food for the pigs, etc… Someone correct me if that’s wrong….

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