Malamute Saloon Update…

The Lordship has graced this site again with another “take no prisoners” rant, and all you need to do to read it is click the Malamute Saloon link above…..

As is always the case you read it at your own risk. I take no responsibility for what he writes. He does buy me drinks though……



Went out today for a little while (more to take photos for a project than to actually detect) and found a quarter. What amazed me was the soil, as in rock hard AGAIN!! We have had a decent amount of rainfall over the past couple of months, and there is even talk that the watering rules might even be rolled back, but damn if you can prove it by me.

Fay was with me, doing the photos, and we found a few crevices that appeared to continue on down to China or somewhere thereabouts. Inserted my 12 inch coin probe, and  it would have disappeared if I pushed one more time. Likewise, if not for the hilt guard on my Lesche it too would have quickly disappeared. Welcome to Texas…..

Aside from all this……I can get down to recover a target quite nicely. The problem comes when I try to get up….nothing to grab onto. So when I get that “lovely high pitched”  whine from my MXT Pro I am praying that the item is indeed worth going through the ritual. I actually had a moment today when I wasn’t sure I could stand up on my own.  I was hoping to live to some ripe old age, but at this rate it won’t much matter.

Now having said all this….go ahead and tell me “who gives a crap?” It’s what I would have told you if you were telling me the
same thing. It’s New Jersey honesty, and damn do I miss it!



After watching the first two episodes of American Digger I decided to put it out of mind, and never watch another show. I have done that. On Wednesday, however, someone posted a preview of that night’s
show on Facebook, and I decided to take a peek….

Sneak Peek: Unearthing Controversy
Spike Full Episodes Spike Video Clips Spike on Facebook

Did not take long for me to realize I had made a good decision. What a stupid show…..



Thanks (again) to the gang at Regton, Ltd.  for the following article…..

Next Staffordshire Hoard?


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