How to be Condescending…

I found the following on Facebook, posted by a group called “I Am a Detectorist and I Vote”….. It’s part of a larger  Study, but I share this because I was extremely pissed after reading it.  I will let you make your own decision, but do read it in its entirety….

A Role for the Amateur Archaeologist

It starts out…”One of the purposes of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 (ARPA) was to encourage cooperation between professional archeologists  and those outside the profession with strong interest in archeology and ancient material culture to further the protection of archeological sites. One of the effects  of the passage of ARPA has been to increase the animosities between these two groups….

One paragraph that irritated me: “Our second proposal for the use of amateurs concerns the use of nonarcheologically involved professionals, particularly in  the media, to aid archeology. Many people who are interested in archeology have skills of use to archeologists in protecting sites. Photography, film making,  drawing, the ability to fly a plane, publicity and promotion are just a few useful talents.”…

You know, let’s find other “amateurs”that will make OUR task easier….

And another…”Most archeologists recognize in themselves or their colleagues, strong emotions of possessiveness and territoriality regarding the archeological  sites and materials they study. These emotions are no less strong among amateurs. In many cases, amateurs visit “their” sites on a regular basis. Thus, they  are ideally suited to be monitors of site damage. Of course, these are often the same people who are angry that they are being told they can no longer collect “their” sites.

Huh? Let me get this straight….we find a the site, we tell them about it, and then we guard it so that they can take credit, and recover the  finds (when they have time and grant money)…..

I know the purpose of this article was to somehow promote the comaraderie between archaeologist and metal detector user, and maybe I am misinterpreting a lot of  what is stated. Perhaps too it’s because I have tried to work with the archaeological community for so many years to no avail. It was obviously written for the “professional” and not we “amateurs” (as in those without degrees), and the use of the word “throughout”, is to me, very condescending.

Again read, interpret as you wish, and you are welcome to disagree with me. I will add however, that if you are waiting for some sort of acceptance from the  archaeological community, keep dreaming……



Found the following on the Regton, Ltd. Facebook page, and thought it was well done. I’ve experienced the “careful  coddling” of a farm owner in the UK a few times and it’s a continual process. Given the potential rewards it’s well worth the time and effort. When hunting  with John Howland on a few Roman sites the price of admission was usually a very good bottle of single malt Scotch.



The WWATS organization has it’s yearly hunt coming up Memorial Day weekend. For more information click   here.

This coming weekend you have your choice of the following…..

Tidewater Coin & Relic Club’s 25th Annual Hunt


Minelab “Third Times a Charm” Hunt


Lastly, Happy Donut Week to all my friends in the UK…..

“We, here in the colonies, enjoy them dunked in a large glass of Red wine or Beer”


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