Follow-up On Florida Fort

Thanks again to Linda Bennett from the Gold Coast Treasure Club for the following update to the May 8th post here…..

Is History Being Looted?

You count on us being painted in an unfavorable way….it’s standard fare for the archaeological community, and getting so old and tired. They  are a great group of piss and moaners.



Had an email from someone who took offense at my comments “You Only Go Round Once”, my last update here. He implied that I was putting down the Minelab  product, and promoting White’s. Not true, and if it came across that way to anyone else I apologize. I have reread my comments and don’t understand how someone  would come to that conclusion, but que sera, sera….

If Minelab would like to send one of their detectors I would be happy to try it and post my comments. For that matter the same goes for all the other manufacturers  out there. Just email me and I will give you my shipping address. I do not accept COD’s!



If you are lucky enough to still have a mother living, be sure to give her a hug, thank her and tell her how much you love her today. In fact do that whenever you  see her. Tomorrow maybe too late. I lost my Mom last year and regret not having said it more…. Happy Mother’s Day!

Love You Mom…..


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