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Ron Guinazzo, a.k.a. Chicago Ron posted another terrific video, and I wanted to share it here. Ron lives, eats and sleeps treasure hunting, and is one terrific ambassador for all of us. Thanks for all you do Ron…..



Linda Bennett, member of the Gold Coast Treasure Club sent along the following news item, and if you are not  familiar with this club do yourself a favor and take a tour of their website. It’s a good one….

Historic Artifacts Found

Linda also included this additional write-up concerning this discovery, and I found it interesting……

Matt Little, Public Information Specialist, (954) 828-4732 or

Fort Lauderdale – In a coordinated historic preservation initiative between the City of Fort Lauderdale, Broward County and a well-known archaeological group, an  Interim Report was released today pointing to Fort Lauderdale Beach as the site of a pre-civil war fort.

During utility trench excavations that were conducted as part of a $3.1 million improvement project at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park, an archaeologist who had been  on site since the beginning of the project discovered approximately 100 artifacts. Following protocol as outlined in Broward County Ordinance, Chapter 5, Article XVI,  the City notified the County of the initial discovery on May 2. Archaeologists have remained on the scene to monitor excavations and recover artifacts, including  approximately 20 musket balls, lead slag from the manufacture of musket balls, military buttons and a kaolin pipe bowl.

A television report that gold coins were discovered was inaccurate and unfounded. The archaeologists reported that most findings consisted of melted lead and artifacts  that are of historical interest, but that would not be characterized as valuable.

As work progresses on schedule in compliance with County Ordinances, archaeologists will remain on the scene to closely monitor excavations. The public is  reminded that ordinances prohibit the collection or disturbance of artifacts on the site. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department is enforcing the prohibition to prevent  theft of the artifacts.


Another news item pertaining to this discovery also mentioned that there were no coins found, as was originally reported. Hmmmm….makes me wonder why the  emphasis on this? Nah, I am sure if the archaeologists in charge had found a few they would share this info, right?



40 Year Old Class Ring  Brings Strangers Together


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