Have been busy with a few projects, and also trying to keep up with all that is going on in the world of treasure hunting. Not easy these days…..

Spent some time Northwest of here where cell phones don’t work, and found a couple of treasures in way of new sites, but need to do a lot of research before going back. Detecting up that way without permission would most likely result in an ass full of lead or a sudden disappearance. More on this at a later time….

Seems we have a new Minelab detector coming out….the CTX 3030. I have heard so many things about this detector I will not even comment. The hype is more than I care to deal with. Whatever, it will all be known in a few days. Apparently it will be able find anything and everything, and can even bake a cake when you are not detecting….

Minelab is also hosting a day (weekend?) devoted to metal detecting throught the US. See the info here. Would have been nice if they had coordinated with the other manufacturers, but so be it….

Couple of friends have also indicated that Garrett is about to come out with a new model, but I warn you that these same friends have been wrong in the past. I personally know of another detector that is in the testing stages that will be introduced sometime this year, most likely in the fall….

So, given all this, what does one do when considering a new detector? My suggestion? Enjoy what you have now. Wait till the kinks and the problems are worked out and then make a decision. I have developed this philosophy with everything anymore….detectors, computer programs, cell phones, and pretty much anything in that category. Likewise having worked for a major manufacturer I can assure you there is always that one bug that will drive you and the engineers nuts….



After Mr. Barfart from Warsaw took offense to my last blog update (Blisstool detector), I decided to post the controversial comment on
. He and his friend Nigel Swift (Heritage Forum) have this thing for Stout Standards, and that’s fine. I understand they have nothing  else to do with their time, and the increased traffic is appreciated. Bottom line is that they both hate anyone who uses a metal detector, especially those who find significant historical treasures without  the need of an archaeologist. Guess you could say it “pisses them off royally”…..

If any of you care to read their BS simply google their names and you will understand….



Knowing how laxed I am with US History John Winter  sent me this news item….. so glad this  article didn’t make any mention of  a metal detector!



My friend Dick Tichian sent me the following article, and as I read it I had to wonder what would have happened if this shipwreck were found by a treasure hunter  or an archaeologist? Who would benefit most, and at what cost?

Civil War Ship Creates Hurdle



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2 responses to “Overload!

  1. Good to see that you are busy, Dick!
    So there’s a new Minelab coming out … I’d never had known!
    Does it go deep? 🙂

    Your new site is looking good. You must be pleased.
    So refreshing to be able to make a comment.

  2. Hah, I know about as much about the new Minelab as you. The Minelab users over here are wetting their pants…..even though no one has seen it or used it.

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