First Came Lazy and Now Comes the Heat…

Have been somewhat lazy the last few days, but hoping the weekend turns out to be somewhat better. Heading Northwest toward the Oklahoma border  for some detecting. Not sure what to expect up that way, but have a couple of leads that sound pretty good, and yep, the temps will be in the 90’s. Great timing….?

The worse that can happen is that all I do is eat some very good barbecue…..



Couple of interesting articles from Regton, Ltd.…..

Chairman Uncovers Treasure

Northeast Providing Rich Pickings for Treasure Hunters

Nigel and his crew have also filmed seven instructional videos and all are available online. I am posting one here, but to see more just type in “Regton Metal Detecting Tips”  in the YouTube search area….

Love the intro with Nigel casually strolling in front of the “Big R”…….


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