More Malamute Saloon Madness…

My Email in-box was graced this morning with “MalSal #60″….. which means the big guy from the UK has sent an update to the Malamute Saloon, his 60th to be exact. While I frequently belittle him, insult him, and always cringe at the things he writes, the Malamute Saloon link always get’s the largest number of hits from the visitors to Stout Standards. What can I say? There are just a lot of sicko detectorists out there just like him….(that’s scary stuff).

In this recent rant he does offer a tip for all the Garrett AT Pro users when it comes to beach hunting, and then educates us all on the in’s and out’s of the professional archaeologist. So if you want to better understand where they are coming from be sure to read his blurb titled “The Rosetta Stone of Cod Archaeology”. To read his  latest submission in it’s entirety click on the Malamute Saloon link…..


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