A Gift From Julius

Received an international package in the mail today, nicely padded, and with the feel of something great, like an old medieval relic.  When I saw it was from John Howland I thought, “Jeez, just maybe the old fart has finally decided to repay me that fifty dollar loan of many years ago…”

I should have known better! After carefully opening the package I found this…

The note inside read…

Yo Bubba:

“Unsurprisingly, I also have one of these wine-stoppers, and through great personal expense, inconvenience, and substantial, procurement difficulties, I have acquired one for you”.

“But knowing that (well not so much you) that Fay appreciates ‘class” and ‘elegance’, I have enclosed this stylish wine-stopper for your gratification and eternal enjoyment”.

“So raise a glass or three to your old buddy across the pond! That’s ME!”

Bubba H.

What can I say….it brought a tear or two to my eyes, and a lump in my throat…Thanks John.

  I will get even with you one day you SOB, and eventually get that money too.

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