Neil McElroy & His Merc


My old friend from the greater Northwest, Neil McElroy, had a very successful weekend, and sent along a photo just to rub it in….  He went to Portland for some weekend fun, and decided to tie in some detecting.  Hunting his old stomping grounds he came away with…..

  • 1921-D Mercury dime (Semi-Key!)
  • 1927-S Mercury dime
  • 1906-S Barber dime
  • 1951-S Roosevelt dime
  • 1954-D Roosevelt dime
  • 1958-D Roosevelt dime
  • 1960-D Roosevelt dime
  • 1992 Kennedy Half dollar
  • 1895 V Nickel
  • 1913-S Wheat Cent
  • 36 other Wheat cents (dating from 1917 to 1956)
  • RCA advertising medallion/token
  • 1942 Canadian Cent
  • and tons of pocket change….

Looking at the condition of the 1921D I am guessing it’s value falls in the $150 to $200 range.  Not bad for a few hours of detecting.  Am I envious?  Nah, just pissed  off. Hope you find a zillion “hot rocks” next time Neil.

Neil McElroy

Neil is a member of the Coil and Diggers Club of Lane County, in Central Oregon. Great bunch of people…..



Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on a “blog type” of site that will somewhat mirror Stout Standards, but will not have all the photos, nor all the writeups for the past two years. It is not meant to be a replacement for my site, just one that will be a little easier  to navigate, one that will load much faster, and offer just the latest ramblings. Take a look at Stout Standards/Wordpress.

This blog site will also have a place for your to comment, should you wish. Please understand this is still a work in progress, and yours truly is not the brighest lightbulb (Oh jeez am I going to hear more about that comment…) when it comes to learning new things. Please don’t stop sending photos for Stout Standards. This site will still be here, and I will continue to build on it, despite your continued nasty comments…..



Sorry to just be getting around to posting anything, but I have been busy…. Baseball season is back, and watching my Yankees has taken  up some time, as did my yardwork. In any case I have not gone detecting, but hope to this weekend. At least that’s my goal….

Also, if you remember back a couple months ago I told you about Fay finally retiring. Well, she’s having way too much of a good time. I had a call on Saturday from someone at the farmer’s market, asking that I come and pick her up. Apparently she fell in love with some gear that one of the vendors was selling, and wound up scaring the hell out of everyone there…….

“I knew when she retired I was going to have problems….”



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5 responses to “Neil McElroy & His Merc

  1. wintersen

    I like the look of your new site, Dick.

    Don’t you have things the wrong way around? Surely, with Fay protecting you, there are NOT going to be any problems!

  2. Hmmm….. You haven’t lived with her for 46 years.

  3. Robbie Morin

    Looks like she is ready for an invasion, has her anti-mind scan helmet on and everything. ;oP

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