American Diggers Show…Ask Someone Else!



Had five emails from various people wondering what I thought of the two most recent “American Diggers” shows. Frankly I didn’t watch them, and will not watch any more. Hopefully this will tell you all you need to know…..



Carthage Missouri Detecting Day

Metal Detector Turns Up a Bit of World War
II History

Lost Ring Return

455 Roman Coins Unearthed

13th Century Coins Dug Up On Farmland



Feeling better the past few days, and hoping that I can get out to do some detecting soon. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even care if I find much of anything… only that I get out in the fresh air and hear a beep. My stamina is not what it was, but then again not much of anything I own anymore is what it was. I thought I understood
the aging process, but apparently I didn’t research it enough, and for that I am embarrassed.



Just wanted to share another great club newsletter…. The Prober is the official newsletter of the Michigan Treasure Hunters Club, and it’s another one of those that I anticipate each month. My old friend Chuck Williams does a great job with it, and I hope you will ask him to add you to his mailing list…..




I often check Paul Barford’s blog to see who he is putting down (after all that is his sole purpose in life), and he never fails to disappoint me. He obviously has no day job, and only dwells on those finds that detectorists make, and then puts them in a less than flattering light. Let me be blunt Mr. Barford, “why didn’t you or your fellow archaeologists find them first?”

You are quick to paint us as thieves and robbers, but bottom line? If we didn’t search for them, recover them and share them, you and your compadres sure as hell wouldn’t even know about them. End of story…..

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