Recent News And Brainfarts…


Unfortunately the only exciting things going on with this over-the-hill tekkie are trips to the doctor and dentist. The doc is still trying to figure out what’s wrong with me (aside from being a pain in the ass) and the dentist doesn’t really care. He’s just happy taking my money. Then again if I was feeling fine I’d still be in the house because it’s too damn hot to be outside. So der ya go! Continue reading


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Musings From Across the Pond…

Since I seem to get myself in trouble of late, I will turn this post over to the kind-hearted and sweet John Howland, the old (and usually soused) Brit who lives in the South of England… Continue reading

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A Response From the Big Apple…

Bob Sickler, who always blows me away with this ability to write such great letters, received a response from the mayor’s office in New York with regards to the Task Force’s effort to open more parks. Continue reading


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Paint Me Suspicious!


I saw the following link yesterday and after reading it through a few times and I wanted to share my thoughts….


First off this to me is just another example of the archaeological community offering a crumb to the detectorist.  Continue reading


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Just a Little Potpourri…

Not much has changed here in the Stout house or for that matter in the Lone Star State. Currently going through the annual “are you shitting me” category on the “Stout Scale” and suspect it will be awhile till I get out beeping.  I know some of you can take the heat but ole ‘Dallas Dick’ cannot.  In the meantime I am keeping cool reading, writing and going to the movies. Continue reading


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Another Mixed Bag…

Since the sun’s rays are unworthy of my adonis-like body and my aches and pains not worth aggravating, I dont’ have much to offer this time around. No exciting photos of finds to wow you with or stories of bravery and valor.  Continue reading


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The Story Continues…

For those of you following Bubba’s first trip to the US and to Atlantic City in particular….heeeere’s Johnny!! Continue reading

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Dr. Hoard? Seriously?

One particular club that I have a real fondness for is the Wheat State Treasure Hunters. They are a big part of the Wichita, Kansas community, giving metal detecting programs to those living there as well as elsewhere in the state . They also adopted a local park and once a month members meet to help maintain it.  Anyway I became aware a while back that their program this month was going to be a talk by the State Archaeologist, but what really got my attention was his name.  Dr.Robert Hoard.  Seriously? Hoard? Continue reading


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Bubba’s Long Dry Spell…

Well for whatever reason John Howland has decided to reminisce.  He usually only does that (or slurs that) when he’s about ten minutes away from passing out.  What really scares me however is that he has labeled this update part one! I mean who knows what evil lurks in this man’s pickled and demented mind. One can only imagine… Continue reading


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Before Your Time I Suspect…

Two weeks ago I tried to wake up the three sleeping giants..the FMDACTFMDR and WWATS.   I caused a little stir within the Task Force and Allyson Cohen, Vice-President,  Treasurer and pretty much the glue that holds everything together, responded.  Thank you Allyson .   As for the FMDAC and WWATS?  Nada!  Zilch!  Nothing!  Both groups are apparently missing in action, or inaction to be more precise.  So let me see if I can find another way to poke them and get a response. Continue reading


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